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United India Insurance-Family Medicare Policy

United India Insurance is one of leading general insurance companies in India, offering a various insurance product to the customers. Family Medicare Policy is one of products that covers all family members against medical expenses due to any disease or accident.

This mediclaim covers following expenses-

  1. Room rent, boarding expenses and nursing expenses up to 1% of sum insured per day. It also includes nursing care, RMO charges, IV Fluid/Blood
  2. Transfusion/Injection administration charges.
  3. In case of admitted in ICU, the double the sum insured per day.
  4. Surgeon/Anesthetists/Consultants/Medical Practitioner/Specialist Fees
  5. Anesthetists, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, cost of medicines and drugs, diagnostic materials, x-ray, dialysis,
  6. chemotherapy, radiotherapy, artificial limbs, pacemaker and other similar expenses.
  7. Hospitalization expenses (excluding cost of organ) incurred for donor in respect of organ transplant.
  8. Pre and post hospitalization are covered up to 30 days prior to hospitalization and 90 days after hospitalization.
  9. Critical illnesses are covered under a sub limit of each hospitalization.


  1. No claim discount of 3% after three continuous claim free policy years, subject to a maximum of 15%.
  2. Cost of health check up at the end of block of every three years where no claims made during the block.
  3. Optional cover such as hospital daily cash benefit and ambulance charges at a nominal extra premium.